We expect that all the media a user uploads is legally owned by that user.  All files that are uploaded are manually processed before they can be accessed by a user.  All uploaded files are linked only to the account which uploaded them.  Any files which are deemed not part of teaching fitness will be immediately deleted.

The Press Play and Go system will never sell or give away access to any material uploaded to our servers.  It is not ours to do so.  All material is owned by the original licensees and we believe that it is ethically – not to mention legally – wrong to share intellectual property to which we have no rights.

So if you are missing a page of choreography from your scanned booklet because your dog chewed it up then it is up to your dog to provide you with a replacement.  If ripping from a CD has produced only a partial song because of defects on the CD then you will have to contact the licensed provider of that CD to get a replacement.

The Press Play and Go system allows you to more easily collate, manipulate, display, and use the fitness teaching media you legally own.  It only ever does that with the media provided by an individual user.  It will always only ever do that with the media provided by an individual user.  So please don’t ask or beg for anything otherwise as refusal often offends.  No matter how well you can plead media company lawyers will override any possible compassion that may be generated for your plight with a level of threat, scariness, and vindictiveness that seems to be a core requirement to enter that profession.

We have tried very hard to ensure the Press Play and Go system works correctly.  Sometimes (hopefully very rarely, preferably never) it may not because of something we did do, something we didn’t do, issues with the providers of services we use, or an unexpected interaction between edge conditions.  It’s never deliberate or malicious.  It’s just life throwing up weird stuff which it tends to do at times.  We all understand when instructors occasionally mess up choreography; they’re fallibly human.  So are IT people and all the devices you use that they worked on.  We understand being frustrated if things don’t work properly; drop us a line and we’ll try to get everyone happy as soon as possible.

We didn’t want to add the next paragraph as we thought it was completely unnecessary due to it being blindingly obvious to any decent person. Then it was pointed out that we have sales in the USA. The people there are lovely. Their legal system isn’t – full of murky depths in which many sharks cruise past scavenging for an opportunistic meal. The next three sentences are for them:

In short: use at your own risk. We’ve taken all possible care regarding functionality and information but the terms of use are that the user is ultimately responsible for anything that happens when using the system. We can’t see how using this app would ever escalate to a situation worse than us receiving a 1-star review – but the last few years have shown that the unexpected, unbelievable, and bizarre seem to be a lot more prevalent in the world than before.

Please note in the extremely unlikely event that an account is found to be abusing other people, performing unwarranted actions, or generating offensive content it will probably be terminated with no refund. If you do come across something you believe falls into these categories please contact us on concerns@x3.com.au

All media licences remain with the authorised copyright holders. All trademarks belong to the authorised owners; we’re just using them to make things easier for the users of the app who have purchased their products.