These are the most frequently raised issues so contact support if you can’t find the information you need on this page.

I’ve forgotten my password

At the moment we have a manual process to resolve that. An automated one is coming but we prefer to do the very important things correctly rather than just quickly.

Send an email to the support address (see the bottom of this page) along with your name, the email address you use for the account, and a rough idea of the releases you have added to your account. If the email address is correct we’ll then help you reset your account.

We really suggest everyone uses a password manager, not just for this app but for all the many accounts you use in your life.

App Store ratings and reviews

We don’t prompt for them because we think they’re annoying when your normal use is interrupted. So the only place we mention it is here. If you find the app useful we’d be grateful if you can go to the App Store page and add a rating and possibly a review.