• Media uploads processing
    When you add some of your media to the system it first needs to be processed. For music this is so the periods of silence at the beginning and end of tracks can be removed and to determine whether those tracks need to seamlessly blend into the following track. For booklets it is to map… Read more: Media uploads processing
  • Building the app – What I wish I’d done differently
    Are there some bits I wish I’d done differently? It’s looking back with 20/20 vision on a software project – of course there are! The most obvious is that it doesn’t yet have all the latest bells and whistles Apple have added into their frameworks in the last couple of years. Things such as async… Read more: Building the app – What I wish I’d done differently
  • Future features
    This is a list of the features that we’ll be looking to add in future. There’s no delivery time assigned to them because that can only be done after analysis and design to find out the true extent of development required. If there’s something that you’d like which isn’t shown here then drop us a… Read more: Future features
  • Music Licences
    Or why you will see tags such as #ppca, #ppl, #ppca-free, #ppl-free, #stream in the app. Most countries have licensing systems in place that require a fee to be paid when music is played in a public space.  This includes cafes, bars, nightclubs, and gyms.  There are usually two payments – one for the actual playing of… Read more: Music Licences
  • Building the app – The New Version
    A discussion of the first version of the app can be found here. This involved a lot of consideration of users and business aspects before I even started thinking about the design.  The first thought on deciding to create a new version was whether to upgrade the existing one or create a new product.  I decided on… Read more: Building the app – The New Version
  • Building the app – The First Version
    The app you see on this site is a redesign of the original one. That initial version was written back in 2010 when I first decided I wanted to finally learn how to develop for iOS. That meant learning Objective-C at the same time. Which you soon discovered should be more accurately called [[[[[[Objective-C] the] one]… Read more: Building the app – The First Version