Media uploads processing

When you add some of your media to the system it first needs to be processed. For music this is so the periods of silence at the beginning and end of tracks can be removed and to determine whether those tracks need to seamlessly blend into the following track. For booklets it is to map the areas of the PDF to specific tracks so that the associated content displays for choreography and technique.

If this content has been processed before then yours will automatically match and it will be assigned to your account and be immediately available. If it has not yet been processed before then it goes into a queue for me to do. That can take time. Most music can be done reasonably quickly although if a release has not yet been defined then that may take more time. Some are simple and can easily clone the previous release and change the relevant track details. Some are a lot more complex and change format which means they take quite a bit longer. BODYJAM is the main offender here although the early TONE releases gave them a run for their money.

The choreography always takes the greatest amount of time. Sometimes it can be done in five minutes while on other occasions it can take up to an hour. It’s quicker with more recent releases which use a consistent template. The very early ones are more problematic, especially when they are photos taken at random angles.

I try to process something that is pending for each user every day. Usually the oldest and the most recent items they have added. With that in mind this post will be updated with the overall number of media items that are still awaiting processing. I will add the totals I see at the start of my workday and at the ends that people can see how much work there is still to go.

Any differences between the end of one day (EOD) and the beginning of the next day (BOD) will be due to people adding new content while I’m asleep.

DateAudio BODChorey BODAudio EODChorey EOD
24 Dec874478
23 Dec590452745476
22 Dec460426385420
21 Dec503433417426
20 Dec627448496433
19 Dec806454626448
18 Dec736454704454
17 Dec572433501425